Our Awesome 3 to 6 year Montessori Pre-School

Is based on the Montessori Philosophy. “The goal of Early Childhood Education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn.”- Maria Montessori .


Our beautiful environment has been prepared by the directress to suite your childs needs. To entise the child to choose work of their own choice.There are 5 areas of learning your child will be introduced to :- 1.) Practical LIfe 2.) Sensoiral 3.) Language 4.) Maths and 5.) Arts and Culture as well as weekly themes. Our playground is equipped with a Jungle gym, swings ,slide ,see-saw and sand pit for great entertainment while enjoying supervised playtime.

Early Childhood Development

These areas of learning will teach your child life skills from grace & courtesy ,caring for themselves and the enviroment. These activities will strengthen your child gross and fine motor skills .The beautifully designed equipment in our sensorial area will awaken all your childs senses and enhance their mathematical mind for further learning with the special designed math materials.Your child will also be introduced to early reading and writing,all these activities will prepare them not just for school but for life.


Little Moose has 7 exciting Extra Mural activities to choose from .All are hosted at the school. No inconvenience of fetching your child and taking them to extra mural activities. Speech and Drama Swimming Madressa Monkeynastix Playball Soccer Starz Little Leaders ( Extra Curricular)